• UX Designer

    Creativity is one of my defining features. As a UX designer, I am able to exercise my creativity while creating inspiring experiences for people.

  • CPSC Major

    Being a new graduate with a degree in Computer Science, I do have a strong foundation in software development. Therefore, I am able to design solutions with both the user and the programmer in mind. I know what can or can't be feasible.

  • Puzzle Solver

    Every problem is a puzzle in disguise. And I'm not one to shy away from a puzzle. If I can figure out a way to solve a problem, why not?

  • People Oriented

    It's hard to imagine any UX designer not being people oriented, however, I should add that I am fascinated with human psychology. Areas of interests are abnormal psychology and social psychology.

  • Gamer

    Games aren't just a hobby of mine, it's a passion. They are a great medium for story telling, entertainment, and education, so when I dive into a game, I don't just play it, I analyze it for story, characters, gameplay aspects, world building and user experience.

  • Photographer

    Photographs are my choice of art because it captures how the photographer viewed that particular moment of time. It inspires me to look at the world differently and appreciate all that it has to offer.