The purpose of this assignment was to create an interface that was inspired by your partner, where the main interaction is a button. Clicking on the button would display part of the partner’s personality.

For my project, I was given awesome Aaron as a partner. I asked him basic questions to understand him better. Questions such as, does he like animals, what are his hobbies, what does he value most in life, if his friends could describe him in one word what would it be, etc.

From that I gathered that Aaron was an avid dog lover, video game fanatic, and a person who tries to stay in bed for the longest time possible. I also learnt that his favourite colour was red and other interesting information about him. Using all the information I gathered, I decided to create a button that tried to revolve around three themes, Aaron’s sleeping habits, his love for dogs, and video games.

Design D was the design that I decided to work with. With some critique from my peers I decided to have a single button instead of a controller. It made the design more simple and easy to understand which button to click.


September 2015