This project was done for my Information Visualization project. We needed to find a question and dataset that interested us. I wanted to see if there was a difference between book difficulty Adult and Youth Adult novels throughout the ages. The data was gathered using Goodreads and Hemingway editor. I used ebooks I have already bought as well as ebooks found through Google Books to compile my data from.


I got a little fed up with reading a few mind-numbing young adult novels, and wanted to know what made adult novels better. Was it the reading difficulty? Was it the themes the books carried out? How many words did adult novels have per sentence compared to young adult novels? I funneled these questions of mine into one larger problem statement.

Problem Statement

Are young adult novels easier to read than adult novels?

Some Sketches

Using data wrangler and tableau, I came up with some initial sketches on how I would like to display my data.


If you wish to try out the visualization, you can find it here on my github.

2016 – Note: I used the CSS3 grid, which has not been supported by most browsers, you must turn on your web experiment flags if you wish to fully experience the interaction. Here’s a guide on how to turn on the experimental flags. Also, the visualization only works in 1080p.


April 2016


Information Visualization