Design Problem:

Create a more interesting way to slide to unlock the phone.


Since I couldn’t rely on existing slide to unlock features to create our designs from, I had to come up with other ways to unlock the phone. Most of the designs I thought of were little gimmicks to an existing technology, but that was okay. I played around with the idea of creating a more gamified experience with unlocking the phone, such as finding the flying pig with the key to unlock the phone. I also entertained the idea of the security of my lock screen. However, I decided to discard that notion for something more entertaining to the user.


After deciding that the interaction for the lock screen would be a simple click or swipe, I had to figure out what skin I wanted to apply to it. Would it be a cookie? Sliding around a spaceship?


I eventually decided on the cookie lock screen. Tapping the cookie would break the cookie apart and afterwards you had to slide either pieces off the screen to unlock the screen. You can either swipe both pieces off the screen or just one. I wanted a more smooth and fast motion to unlock the phone.

Video Demo:


September 2015