The motivation behind this application was to help those learning a new language understand the objects around them. After taking a few language courses I realized that they don’t often go through an intensive list of objects. That’s where Get Fluent comes in. All we have to do is tap the phone against the object we want to know the name of and the application will tell us what the name is. From there, we can add it into a vocabulary list to practice later on, or we can get a pronunciation for the object, or we can change the language.

Some Sketches

After deciding on which problem I want to tackle, I came up with some ideas on how the physical prototype would look like. As the captions suggests, I changed my initial vision from including a dial to a button. This is because of the programming limitations of the dial. Ideally, the final prototype would have a dial in order to accommodate the vast range of languages offered.

Initial Physical Prototype

The physical prototype was made with foam, paper, and electrical tape. There is three buttons on the side and the rfid tag reader is on the bottom. The buttons control the three functions, change language, start vocal pronunciation, and add to vocab list.

Video Demo


October 2015