This is an evolving page. That means to say that as I continue to update my feature images on my other blog I’ll be updating this page as well. This page is to showcase the evolution that the feature images take as time goes on. Each image was designed in either Photoshop or Illustrator.

As of recently I have decided to colour code my blog series. The colour scheme goes as followed. Food related series are royal purple, personal blog series are forest green, book related items are royal red, and travel related items are royal blue. I felt like colour coding the images was a good idea. It’s better than attempting to find more diverse colours that would fit with the overall blog theme as new series are created. Simplicity is best.

Book Reviews:

I needed a feature image to let my book reviews stand out from the rest of the reviews on the wordpress community. At first I went with something simple and more fitted to my previous wordpress theme. As time went on, I decided to use another theme and that’s when I knew I had to update some of the images as well. Since most of my design process happens on the same file, I couldn’t get all of my design decisions recorded, but these are some of the progress images on how I came to the last image.

Cooking with Fuyu:

Cooking with Fuyu was the first series for my blog which had hand drawn images. As you can see from my portfolio, I have many hand drawn feature images. I like how it iterates my personality for my portfolio. Anyways, I wanted something similar for Inky Awkto.

Book Tags / Blog Awards:

I was pretty glad I decided to change this category up. For some reason, I decided to combine both series into one image. Afterwards I realized how silly the idea was and decided to break them down into two separate images. So far I have book tags created, but I still need to work on the blog awards images. However, I do think the current book tags image is not very good, so currently it’s working as a placeholder until I can come up with something better.

Monthly Wrap Up:

I didn’t think I would be improving on the feature image for this blog series, but I did. These iterations were indeed published on my blog until I had the time to reiterate on them. I believe I have come to a decent point where the wrap up image matches the rest of the image themes for the blog. The current one is the one with the black background and I’m not quite a fan of it yet, but I’ll change it later.

Travel Series:

I created a travel series to talk about my adventures. Seeing how I intend to continue to do as traveling as I can, I thought it would be good to start a travel segment on my blog. Currently, the travel series isn’t published yet, however, here’s some current working images of my design process and images.

That’s all for the development of my blog images. Check back every so often to see if I updated with more images.


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