Lull-a-Bye Nightlight is a prototype lamp that plays soothing music while producing a soft colourful glow. There’s two songs currently offered with Lull-a-Bye Nightlight, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Wandering Path, an original piece by an indie musician. After each section of notes, the lamp will switch colours offering a more interesting experience. Lull-a-Bye Nightlight is the ideal item for any troubled sleeper.

This project was created for my Physical and Tangible HCI class. Our assignment was to hook up a button to do something, essentially our version of hello world. My initial idea was to create a code breaker game with RBG LEDs where the user would input a certain sequence of colours in an attempt to unlock the box. After doing more research on the materials I was using for my game, I realized that it was far more difficult to do in a week’s time span. Therefore, I ended up brainstorming more ideas and designs and ended up with Lull-a-bye Nightlight.


January 2017


Design | HCI