Hi! I'm Lien!

I’m a gremlin blending into society as a designer and researcher.

Pulling from my lived experiences, I strive to make inclusive and accessible products for everyone in the public sector and in the video gaming industry.

Main job

Digital Designer @ Canada Energy Regulator

Secondary job

Player Experience Researcher @ DAQA

Quest Journal

Creating an easier way for people to access bio-physical, socio-economic data from major pipeline projects

People had difficulty accessing the bio-physical and socio-economic regional data collected by the Canada Energy Regulator. The previous solution had many barriers making it a cumbersome task to pull data from. BERDI was developed to make it easier for people to access the vast amount of information. 

Making Canadian energy data engaging and easier to understand to citizens

Every year, the government releases a report that highlights 30 years of predictions about the future direction of Canada's energy sector. Unfortunately, a report isn't as engaging to people as something interactive. The data visualization, Exploring Canada's Energy Future, is the solution to making energy information more engaging to Canadians.