Hi, I'm Lien!

I’m a maverick and a visionary. Imagining the impossible. Discover my design process through my projects, learn more about me, or get in touch!

Check out my UX Projects!

Engaging the Public about Pipeline Incidents

Professional Project

Pipeline Incidents is an engaging data visualization that guides people in understanding Canada’s energy and pipeline systems.

 Data Visualization | Accessibility 

Designing Better Mental Health Resources by Understanding People

Professional Project

Starling Minds is a company driven to create products that help boost people’s mental resilience to stress and break the stigma towards mental health. 

  User Research | Experience Design 

Crafting Quality of Life Improvements for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Personal Project

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an adorable laid back simulation game with quirky animations, but is riddled with interactions that breaks the players’ flow. 

 Game UX | UX Design