Hello, I'm Lien!

“A primary focus of mine is to empathize and understand the principles that guide people. Through research, I will untangle issues, and identify needs so that I can craft appropriate and meaningful solutions. “

I am a well-rounded UX designer who crafts thoughtful products by listening to people and designing solutions to enhance their experiences. My boundless curiosity inspires me to uncover people’s guiding principles so that I have a better understanding of who I am designing for and the problem I am trying to solve.

I fill up my free time by volunteering and working as an UX Researcher part time in the video games industry. I volunteer as a design mentor for high school students with Game of Apps. My goal is to help the younger generation foster an appreciation for design and instill an empathetic approach to product development. 

That said, I love meeting new people and learning about their experiences. Feel free to reach out to me on social media! 

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