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Hello there!

I bet you’re wondering why I have an introduction post when I have an about page. I like to believe that a good start to a blog is a great introduction. Even an about page can’t kickstart that. This is most likely the first time I have ever blogged as myself. I’ve blogged for approximately six years now on WordPress. It first started out as a pet project between me and a friend. It then evolved into a solo project where I transferred myself onto a new domain, The Inky Awkto. And over a year of blogging there, sharing my thoughts on books, cooking and my travelling adventures, I decided that it’s time for a place where I can share my experiences and thoughts in industry.

It’s no secret that my ultimate goal is to be a user experience designer. This goal of mine was curated from painstaking years of university in Computer Science. I loved the idea of programming, it was all a puzzle, a challenge, a mystery, for me. Something for me to tackle and feel rewarded once I had conquered it. However, something about software development was missing for me. It was the type of creativity it required, while programming required logical creativity, I desired a place to utilize more of my artistic creativity. Once I discovered the branch of Human Computer Interactions, I fell head over heels. HCI was the perfect combination of creativity and puzzles for me. Every design problems is a puzzle with multiple correct answers to it. That coupled with user-centered design and boom, passion for user experience designer was born.


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