What’s in my bag? Victoria, BC Edition

Hey guys,

If you’re here it means you’re interested in knowing what was in my carry on bags. Hurray!



2 pairs of skinny jeans

1 tank top

1 tee shirt

2 collared shirts

under garments

Beauty Products(Travel Sized):

The Face Shop Acne Face Cleanser

GM Collin Toner

The Face Shop Oil Control Face Cream

Scar Treatment Cream

Hand Lotion

Conditioner – Cause I forgot the shampoo. Luckily I had some at my Airbnb

Sunscreen both for body and face

Cotton Pads for my toner

Misc Items:

A medium sized towel to use for my face and body just in case I didn’t get one at airbnb

Bandaids – cause I’m clumsy I did end up using them

Allergy Meds – I have pet allergies and I was staying at a place with a dog



Bullet Journal


Camera Bag:

Nikon D5200

Battery Charger for camera

Battery Pack for phone

Earbuds for my phone


55mm-200mm lens

Varies camera cleaning supplies

That’s all that I brought to Victoria. Thanks for reading! 😀