World Usability Day @ MRU

Hello Friends!

I had the pleasure of attending Mount Royal’s World Usability Night hosted by the lovely Brian Traynor! I had the fortune of hearing about Brian from Kat, a fellow friend and co-worker from the NEB team this summer. A few weeks ago at the Inclusive Design Workshop by Calgary UX, Brian was introduced and made a small speech about UX at Mount Royal. I took that opportunity to say hi to him and he was kind enough to invite the UofC Ilab to attend his Usability Day. A few Ilab members were able to attend the event which is reasonable but I wish we had a better turn out from the Ilab. It would have been nice to introduce the two HCI/UX/Info design community in the two universities, but alas, a dream shall remind a dream.


The night consisted of five presentations. There was pretty good presentations and some not so good, unfortunately to say. Some felt like they were marketing their tools which was fine because I became aware of new tools available in the market. I do wish there was more of content related to usability with those presentations that were more marketing their tools.

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